Why is there no update on my tracking information?

Tracking information may not update immediately in some cases especially with registered airmail shipments. However, please rest assured your item is on its way. 

Here are some reasons why tracking information may not be available: 

- There may be delays between the scanning events and the website's updates.

Once we have shipped the item, the tracking status will take a few days to be updated by the shipping carrier.Therefore, please hold on for a few more days and try again later.

- The package may not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near the destination. 

- There may not be any updates available when the package is in transit between origin and the destination country. The tracking information should pick up again once your packages reaches your local country.

- Some shipments are not trackable, for example flat rate shipping. (Unless a tracking number was purchased during the check out). 

- Please note that most parcels will be received within 10-25 working days after the shipment date.

The delivery time frame is valid regardless of the tracking information's availability online. 

If your tracking status has not been updated for over 1 week, please contact us through our Customer Service Center immediately and we will offer you further assistance.